About Me

  • 🚀 Founder at timestat.app | Software Engineer | Data Science Enthusiast 📊
  • 🛠️ Now managing 200+ sites in NYC with www.timeStat.app, an IoT device for streamlined attendance tracking.
  • 👨‍💻 Skilled in Java, JavaScript, and microservices (AWS, Azure). Proficient in data analytics with Jupyter Notebook. Currently mastering Docker.
  • ⚽ Passionate soccer player | Dragon Boat team member.
  • 🔍 Tech enthusiast who enjoys exploring new technologies and is constantly learning.


I developed an embedded WiFi independent attendace device for construction sites. There is no WiFi in construction sites. Reached 2nd place in the B2B category at the 2024 startup NYC Tech Disrupt hosted at NYU university.


EzRx is a plugin for Rhino that allows architects create scripted Grasshopper nodes without the need to code, by leveraging LLM(GPT). We built this for the AEC Tech 2023 Hackathon in New York City.

TimeStat: mobile app

In development, currrently working on finalizing a mobile app for TimeStat, to bring more features to 200+ businesses and 3000+ workers.